What is the Counselors’ Network of FPRA?

The FPRA Counselors’ Network was created to give senior-level public relations counselors and practitioners an opportunity for professional enrichment and continuing education. The network was designed to advance the professional status of members, while catering to their interests and giving them a means of advancing the profession.

Membership in the Counselors’ Network is open to any Universally Accredited member in good standing of FPRA who is actively engaged in providing counseling service, either as a full-time principal, officer, partner or employee of a public relations firm, corporation, organization or agency, and who has been engaged in a counseling capacity for at least three years. CN Members must also have their CPRC (Certified Public Relations Counselor).


  • A dynamic two-day, mid-year meeting
  • Special CN sessions at annual conference
  • An exclusive network of ideas and experience sharing
  • Participation in a statewide speakers’ bureau
  • Opportunities to mentor new public relations professionals
  • Leadership opportunities within the state association


The initiation fee for new members is $20. Dues for the Counselors’ Network are $50 annually.