Lead Designer & Art Director

Company: Liquid Creative

URL: https://www.liquidcreativestudio.com

Contact Person: Scott Schroeder

Application Deadline: May 26, 2022


Lead Designer & Art Director

Job Description
The Lead Designer & Art Director will produce creative and inspiring graphic design work along with leading a creative team of graphic designers, video producers, web designers and copywriters dedicated to developing strategic marketing campaigns for Liquid Creative clients.

In this role, you will produce creative and provide creative strategy and guidance to our full team, generate compelling design concepts and ideas, and cultivate a culture of creative vision within the team. The Art Director will keep a finger on the pulse of current design trends and provide thought leadership that shapes ideas and campaigns to meet the needs of different clients.

What You’ll Do:

Develop Creative Strategy – Generate creative ideas and concepts that incorporate current, cutting-edge design techniques. Set strategy for client campaigns and oversee the execution of those campaigns.
Oversee Graphic Design Development and Execution – Possess extensive graphic design skills and years of design experience, which fosters the ability to make design decisions and to teach, train, and guide other designers in a variety of design formats.
Pitch Creative Concepts and Nurture Clients – Pitch creative concepts to clients and team members. Interact with clients to establish pain points and campaign goals, and help them feel confident throughout the creative process.
Manage Teams – Conduct reviews, lead goal planning, promote engagement, take corrective action, motivate team members, and lead team collaboration and brainstorming sessions.
Recruit and Hire – Recruit and hire creative team members for freelance, part-time, and full-time positions.
Manage Budget – Develop and manage the budget for the creative team, including billable hours, design program investments, freelancer budget, etc.

We’re Looking For:

Creative Strategy Director
Set creative strategy direction for all clients and campaigns. Champion creativity, a people-focused outlook, enthusiasm, and empathy to inspire and motivate your team. Lead with optimism, collaboration, personal integrity, problem-solving, and big-picture thinking.

Client Advocate
Develop creative solutions to client needs within the context of each client’s brand and marketing goals. Direct the creative team in developing fresh, cutting-edge campaign elements. Be willing to take risks, connect with people and build relationships both internally and externally.

Culture Ambassador
Curate a culture of creativity, excellence, and innovation across the total Liquid Creative team. Inspire other team members to pursue professional development and promote the high-quality, strategic design that Liquid Creative is known for.

What You’ll Need to Succeed

The Art Director will concept and pitch creative ideas to clients and then lead teams in executing those ideas. Success requires persuasive selling technique, the ability to pinpoint client needs and link them to campaign outcomes, and the ability to set strategic vision for the Liquid Creative team in a highly collaborative and results-oriented culture. To connect with and inspire both clients and team members, you will need an engaging communication style, a confident and persuasive outlook, the ability to quickly grasp client pain points and goals, and the ability to apply mastery of creative design techniques to client campaigns.
You’ll need:

Strategic vision that produces unique, effective design concepts and ideas
Innovative thinking and a desire to try and implement new design tactics
Extensive graphic design skills and cutting-edge knowledge of design trends
Collaborative decision-making approach that includes others in the design and development process while also providing thought leadership and strategy direction
Ability to implement design ideas strategically as you adapt to different client needs and goals
Experience with all aspects of managing a team, including budgeting, recruiting, goal setting, and project management
Warm, enthusiastic leadership style that both inspires and supports team members
Open to receiving feedback about creative ideas, working and leadership styles
Confident and persuasive communication style that secures client confidence and sells people on ideas
People-centric focus both internally among team members and externally as you relate to clients

To apply: Email your resume to [email protected]


minimum 5 years experience in graphic design
leadership and management experience preferred

How to Apply

email to [email protected]

Job Originally Posted on: Monday, May 16, 2022