Scaling New Heights: How the PR & Comms Summit Can Unlock Your Potential

The PR & Comms Summit is approaching quickly and is the must-attend professional development event for any public relations and communications practitioner. From hot takes on uncivil AI dialogue with the chief reputation powerhouse himself, Jon Goldberg, to mastering the art of intentional campaigns with Paramount/MTV Entertainment Studios’ rockstar strategist Lauren Woulard, there lies endless opportunities to connect with your colleagues who just get it and can offer up actionable steps to elevate your game.

This year, the FPRA – Capital Chapter is thrilled to feature three dynamic speakers: Lauren Helm, APR, CPRC, Claudia Machado, and Sandi Poreda, APR. Each speaker brings a unique blend of expertise, insights, and practical strategies to inspire and inform. Keep reading to see why you can’t afford to miss their sessions at the Summit.


The LinkedIn Crusader

Elevating Your Brand’s Potential on LinkedIn

Session: Breakout 1C – Elevating Your Brand’s Potential on LinkedIn
Time: Monday, August 5th, 10:30 am – 11:30 am (Summit Day 2)
Speaker: Lauren Helm, APR, CPRC, President, Lauren Helm PR, LLC

Lauren is a strategic visionary with a deep understanding of how to leverage LinkedIn for brand growth. With LinkedIn growing at three new members per second, communications professionals must harness this platform’s potential. In this session, Lauren will cover:

  • Organic vs. Paid Growth: Understand the benefits of organic growth versus paid growth on LinkedIn and learn how to evaluate the need for Premium subscription options.
  • Leveraging Algorithms: Use LinkedIn algorithms effectively for organic growth with current real-world examples.
  • Best Practices: Learn actionable steps to enhance your brand’s visibility on LinkedIn through best practices.

This session is perfect for those looking to master LinkedIn and utilize it to catapult their brand’s potential.


The Cultural Connector

Bring Cultural Fluency to Your Industry – The Top 5 Things to Know to Reach Today’s Hispanic Audience

Session: Breakout 3B – Bring Cultural Fluency to Your Industry
Time: Tuesday, August 6th, 11 am-Noon (Summit Day 3)
Speaker: Claudia Machado, Senior Public Information Specialists, AtkinsRéalis, and Jullette Gebken, Mayi, APR

Claudia is an expert in reaching and engaging the Hispanic audience, a demographic projected to become more than one in four Americans by 2060. Her panel session will explore:

  • Cultural Sensitivity: Learn the impact of cultural missteps in PR and practical tips on conducting culturally sensitive campaigns.
  • Diversity as Strength: Discover how to embrace diversity and craft authentic narratives that resonate across cultural boundaries.
  • Ethical Engagement: Gain tools and a mindset to ethically and effectively engage with diverse audiences, fostering trust and building lasting relationships.

Through engaging case studies and interactive exercises, this session will provide invaluable insights for anyone looking to integrate cultural awareness into their communication campaigns.


The Business Builder

The Business of the Business – Solo/Small Agency Panel

Session: Breakout 4C – The Business of the Business
Time: Tuesday, August 6th, 2:15 pm – 3:15 pm (Summit Day 3)
Speaker: Sandi Poreda, APR, President, Bulldog Strategy Group; Joseph S. Grano, Jr., MBA; Lanette Hart, APR, CPRC; and Trish Kapustka, APR, CPRC

Sandi’s firm, Bulldog Strategy Group, is in its ninth year of business and has benefitted from being small and nimble. Sandi and her panelists will share their experiences and insights on running a solo practice or small agency. In this panel, you’ll learn:

  • Tools of the Trade: Discover the essential tools that successful solo practitioners and small agency owners can’t live without.
  • Securing Clients: Get tips on how to attract and secure clients effectively.
  • Best Practices: Hear about best practices and lessons learned from experienced professionals.

This session is a must-attend for anyone considering going solo or starting a small agency and for those already navigating this path who are looking for expert advice.


Why You Can’t Miss The PR & Comms Summit

The PR & Comms Summit is more than just a gathering of dynamic public relations and communications professionals; it’s an opportunity to learn from some of the best in the business, network with peers, and gain practical knowledge that can be immediately applied to your work. Whether you want to master LinkedIn, engage diverse audiences, or launch your agency, this summit has it all!

Don’t wait – secure your spot today!


Lauren Helm, APR, CPRC, is the President of Lauren Helm PR, a boutique public relations consultancy representing brands wanting to sail to success, build loyalty, and safeguard their reputation. Lauren will serve as the incoming President-Elect of the FPRA Capital Chapter beginning in August.