Member Spotlight – Elle Balogh

Name and Title Elle Balogh, Account Manager, BowStern

Hometown Tallahassee, FL; but I lived in Atlanta and Greenville, SC for a spell

What inspired you to pursue a career in public relations? I have always been fascinated by the story behind it all. I think my curiosity has directed me down this path!

What project are you most proud of? I am currently managing Choose Tallahassee, a local 501(c)(3) dedicated to bringing retirees to Tally. It is so neat to have finally made my way back to Tallahassee, and now I get to convince others to do the same. I think our strategy is extremely well laid out, thanks to our awesome team. Within the first month and a half of our campaign launch, we have been wildly successful and I am looking forward to seeing it through! Read more about our campaign:

What is one piece of advice you would give others entering the field? I would encourage newcomers to always keep their eye on the horizon. Foresight is totally underrated, and being thoughtful is something that people appreciate deeply.

What do you think is the biggest challenge PR professionals will face going forward? The noise! Determining the best way to cut through the clutter is something that professionals struggle with daily. We are constantly coming up with new creative ideas to get our point across.

 What would your colleagues be surprised to know about you? I most recently peddled “UTI prevention supplements” as an in-house Marketing Assistant. Needless to say, this job is much more entertaining.

How has a mentor influenced your career? As silly as it sounds, growing up and watching my mother hustle as a partner of a nationally-recognized consulting firm inspired the majority of my most badass traits. 

Why did you join FPRA? I joined FPRA to take advantage of the professional development opportunities offered by the organization. In the spirit of looking toward the horizon, I understand that we need to invest in our own professional development to stay at the cutting edge of our field!