Member Spotlight – Tim Wheeler

If you have ever been to an FPRA Capital Chapter meeting, you have probably seen Tim Wheeler (TREW Media) taking photos. Not only does Tim photograph the Capital Chapter’s meetings, he has been a member for six years!

Name and Title: Tim Wheeler BA (Hons), Photographer, Cinematographer

Hometown/Country: Brightlingsea, Essex, England

What inspired you to pursue a career in photography and video production? Really good teachers and a great experience studying these fields in university. My student documentary film was nominated for a Royal Television Award.

Describe your production style. How has it changed over the years? We are able to do any kind of production, whether it’s documentary or commercial production. The type of cinematography we have been doing a lot lately is the single-camera style with clients preferring handheld over lockdowns and jib moves. This not only looks and feels very nice but lets us move quicker and get more creative with our angles and approach.

What was the most unconventional video or photo shoot you’ve done? We’re seeing a lot of clients asking for the non-traditional interview approach where we only hear the interview subject as we see relative b-roll, rather than have them on-screen the whole time they’re talking. It canbe more enjoyable and seem more intimate. I’ve also shot recently with color and black-and-white film, which by far surpasses digital with a more organic feel and a deeper emotional response.

What would your colleagues be surprised to know about you? I spent two years backpacking and working around the world when I was in my early 20s. I have been playing guitar for over 20 years and have recently started taking jazz guitar lessons. I also love carpentry.

How do you find your balance between work and family? I have to travel a good bit and work on weekends, but I know when to shut up shop and enjoy time with the family. We have a new son, Willem, who is 20 months old, so it’s important to spend as much time with him as possible. My partner is very understanding and knows how important my work and clients are, and that there will be plenty of time to be together after the work is taken care of.

What are you excited to be working on right now? I recently wrapped on a series of human interest documentary videos for the Florida Department of Environmental Protection. I felt honored to be the chosen vendor, and it was a great arena for me to lose myself in my passion. Nature is something I feel close to, so give me a camera, put me outdoors and I’m in heaven. DEP fell in love with the videos we produced, and they were extremely well received on social media. Most of the time work doesn’t feel like work, and I’m honored to be hired as an artist to bring others’ visions to light and tell their stories. I also enjoy meeting so many new and interesting people on my shoots.

Why did you join FPRA? To learn new things and network with my peeps.