Member Spotlight: Jessie Johnson

Name and Title: Jessie Johnson, Account Manager, RB Oppenheim Associates

What inspired you to pursue a career in public relations?

I studied ICT at FSU, meaning I took a combination of technology and communication-based courses. After taking advertising and account planning, I really wanted to learn more about my options in the field. So, I took a summer internship at an agency and loved the many different facets our field offers. I realized I was able to mix my technological background with my passion for creativity and learning. It is really a win-win.

Describe a project you were proud to be a part of.

Recently, we finished phase one of a campaign with the Florida Developmental Disabilities Council (FDDC) in an effort to bring awareness to the low provider rates for care services. Due to these decreased rates, individuals, families and healthcare professionals are severely affected. FDDC is encouraging the Legislature to take action and generating advocates through our brochures, presentations and digital content.

What is one piece of advice you would give others entering the field?

Figure out the organizational and time management skills that work best for you. This field is exciting, yet fast-paced. You must know what works best for you, and do it!

What do you think is the biggest challenge creative-based professionals will face going forward?

I think the biggest challenge will be showing clients the value of digital integration and creative pieces. If you aren’t in the business, it is hard to wrap your head around how beneficial social media, digital advertising and visually appealing websites are. As creative-based professionals we must express how vital these factors are for any business or organization.

What would your colleagues be surprised to know about you?

I’m not as girly as I seem. Whether on the water or spending time at my family’s farm, I am happiest when enjoying the outdoors.

Have you had a mentor? If so, how has he/she influenced your career?

Yes; my parents. Since an early age they showed me the importance of hard work and to continually set goals, while staying humble and true to myself. That is success.