11th Annual ER for PR Sparks New Ideas and Friendships For Local Non-Profits

Written By: Jenny Fernandez – Public Relations Director, 180 Communications

Last month, local public relations superstars teamed up with FAMU & FSU communications students to pull off the FPRA-Capital Chapter’s 11th Annual ER for PR non-profit counseling event.

With fresh coffee and gourmet pastries as fuel, these generous volunteers offered up their time and energy to guide 14 local non-profits to PR success. Organizations in attendance included the American Red Cross Capital Chapter, Institute for African American Health Inc. and United Partners for Human Services.  Volunteers were able to sit in the relaxed atmosphere provided by the Hilton Garden Inn, and guide the non-profits in ways to implement public awareness campaigns, fundraising event promotions and even social media strategies.

“I have volunteered at ER for PR for the past two years, but this time I was able to experience it from the other side of the table,” Rachel Gustafson, Communication Director of the Tallahassee Network of Young Professionals and Senior Account Executive at Core Message, said. “It was an amazing opportunity to be able to bounce ideas off of some of Tallahassee’s PR elite. They gave us some great insight on how to increase awareness of NYP in the community.”

Landy Daniels, Senior PR student at FSU, said, “After working with my non-profit, I realized that everything I have learned at FSU has prepared me to go out into the professional world and be successful.”

As the planning session came to a close, organization representatives headed back to their offices with an outline of exactly what to do to accomplish their goals. Many of them holding business cards from PR professionals who offered assistance even after their two-hour session was over.

Overall, the success of ER for PR won’t only be evident by the increasing financial strength of these local non-profits, but by the lasting friendships and connections.

Thank you to all who made this event so rewarding!