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Communicating History – Behind the Creation of Florida’s Constitution Revision Commission PR Strategy

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Member Spotlight: Drew Piers, APR

Name and Title: Drew Piers, APR Partner, Director of Campaigns Sachs Media Group @DrewPiers Hometown: Bradenton, FL I’ve lived in Florida my whole life and love the sunshine – even though the cold we’ve had over the past several weeks has made me wonder whether I still live in the Sunshine State! What inspired you […]

Our Stranger Holiday Party

PR pros might feel trapped in the terrifying Upside Down every now and then, but we took it a step further at FPRA’s Stranger Things holiday party.  Scary ’80s-themed sci-fi might not be the first theme that comes to mind when you think “holiday party.” But Christmas lights, adorable kids, humor, romance, family values, and delicious […]

Member Spotlight: Katie Reeves

Name and Title: Katie Reeves, Owner of ktcreative, Boutique Marketing Agency Hometown: Tuscaloosa, AL {Roll Tide!} What inspired you to pursue a career in graphic design and marketing? I have always been a creative person and in college pursued a degree in business with a concentration in marketing. I discovered in one of my classes […]