Celebrate Remarkable Women

Throughout Women’s History Month, we highlighted the exceptional women within our FPRA Capital Chapter.

Keep reading to see what your PR peers said about these amazing Cap Chap members.

Carrine Anaeto
“I had the privilege of meeting Carrine at Opportunity Tallahassee (OT) in 2023, which is a day-long leadership program hosted by Leadership Tallahassee. After the event, our class met up occasionally to reconnect and talk about our experience at OT. Carrine took the time to teach our fellow classmates about digital marketing — sharing trends she is seeing and how she landed into the communications profession through happenstance.”

Michelle Bono
“Michelle, a transplant from Virginia and a 2019 Tallahassee Democrat 25 Women You Need To Know Honoree, has left her mark throughout Tallahassee since moving here in 1997. An avid community supporter, it’s not uncommon to see Michelle involved with projects that not only better our community but connect those that live here with viable solutions to long-term success. Being a small part of big things is how Michelle lives her life. She has been a champion of FPRA’s Counselor Network and has participated in being a panel judge, written examination reviewer, and mentor for those seeking the CPRC credential.”

Carla Brown Lucas, M.S.
“Carla is a consistent, dedicated leader who makes a real difference in our chapter. Recently she led efforts to bring together Cap Chap members who are sole proprietors for monthly lunch meetings. It is the most engaging blend of individuals in terms of age, experience and background, all of whom are willing to share what they know. Carla is not one to seek the limelight, and instead is like the steady captain of a ship that helps the team stay on course with guidance and leadership.”

Ruthann Campbell
“Beyond her PR expertise, Ruthann is an extraordinary human, always ready to extend a helping hand. A true gem, Ruthann goes beyond professional duties, reaching out with genuine care, saying, “I’m here for you, how can I help?” Her approach is a beautiful blend of grace, compassion, and unwavering dedication, making her not just a stellar PR professional but a beacon of support and kindness within our community.”

Angela Gibbs
“Angela is the backbone of the United Way of the Big Bend. She skillfully crafts communication strategies in the background so that her spokespersons and Board shine in the community. Angela works hard to share the work the United Way is doing but also finds ways to effectively counsel her colleagues on best practices.”

Kianna Gilley
“Kianna is truly one of the kindest and most thoughtful people. She goes out of her way to help new and seasoned PR professionals succeed in their work, and she does it with a big smile on her face. Kianna is a master event organizer and can handle any situation that comes her way. Her entire team is in awe of her skills and determination. It is such a pleasure working with her.”

Lauren Helm, APR, CPRC
“Lauren is on the FPRA Capital Chapter board and clearly excels in her position, but what I believe sets her apart is the way she is always willing to jump in and help others outside of what her current role entails. I’ve noticed that Lauren is often the first person to reach out and offer support when she hears someone is looking for a new job, needs help with a project, or is just overwhelmed and looking for advice. She is a huge inspiration to me and deserves to be highlighted!”

Lizzy Kelley, APR
“When I joined FPRA, I wanted to take the next step in my career. The credentialing opportunities drew me to the association, but it was because Lizzy Kelly, APR, took the time to sit with me at a coffee shop to explain the APR process that I joined the association. Lizzy provided insight into the process and led me down a leadership path with FPRA to where I am now, helping my colleagues through credentialing. Talk about a full circle!”

Jennifer Krell Davis

“Jennifer Krell Davis leads quietly, but with the authority of experience. This Tallahassee native has a wealth of knowledge in the public and private sectors, and, with a degree in law, brings a unique perspective to the practice of PR. A past board member of the Capital Chapter, she always is supportive of the association, its members and leaders. Her wit, wisdom and insights are always spot on, and we are all the better for having JKD as part of FPRA.”

Zoe Linafelt, APR
“I’ve known Zoe for over a decade, and I can honestly say that she is one of the most amazing humans on the planet. Zoe is my confidant, my go-to person when I need to see things in a different light, and my own personal cheerleader for all of life’s little things. But, Zoe finds space for each of her colleagues and never asks for anything in return. She’s a remarkable person and a woman I admire.”

Elizabeth Loeffelman
“CapChap’s social media guru, she’s the secret sauce, conjuring magic without stealing the spotlight. Ever-ready to assist and bursting with brilliant ideas, Elizabeth elevates our communications game. Excellence doesn’t always demand the spotlight—she’s the laid-back force making PR look effortlessly awesome!”

Edie Ousley
“Edie Ousley is a straight shooter, and that’s one of the reasons I’ve always appreciated her leadership in our profession. Her career has spanned public and private sectors and both sides of the political aisle, but one constant is her ability to tell it like it is and march forward with tact and tenacity. Edie’s ability to quickly assess a situation and provide sound counsel is why she is a leader within our profession, and why I consider myself fortunate to have learned from her.”

Sandi Poreda, APR
“Sandi knows how to communicate. You can literally stand outside in tornado-force winds, screaming at the top of your lungs, and Sandi will find a way to bring serenity to a really awful situation. Sandi is the calm during the storm, and I’ve witnessed this first-hand several times. She is a dog whisperer, an advocate for the quietest voices in the room, and calmer of chaos.”

Lexie Savedge
“Lexie’s media relations skills impress me daily, but it’s her unwavering commitment to quality and meaningful work that truly sets her apart. Working with her has been educational, and observing her process has improved my own skills. Lexie’s is not just a colleague; she’s a role model, inspiring us with her talent, kindness, and dedication. I feel extremely lucky to work with her and I am excited to witness her endless achievements in the future.”

Cathy Schroeder
“Cathy is a remarkable woman because of her exceptional leadership, unwavering dedication to service, and boundless compassion. She uplifts her teams, fosters collaboration, empowers others, and exemplifies the belief that collective success benefits all. Her tireless encouragement and genuine care for others are unmatched. Her extensive volunteer work showcases her dedication to making a positive impact. Her kindness, humor, and brilliance are unparalleled, and she’s the most likeable human ever.”

Nipa Thakkar Eason
“How is Nipa not awesome? She volunteers her time to make our community more beautiful, inclusive, and vibrant through her creative talents. No matter where you drive throughout Tallahassee, you’ll see a part of Nipa around the corner. She’s a wonderful person, inside and out, and I’m honored to call her not only a colleague, but a friend.”

Valencia Scott
“A PR superstar that lights up any room with her amazing charisma. Always ready to lend a hand, she’s like the go-to person to so many of us. Being a Miami girl, she brings that awesome, vibrant energy to our professional vibe. Valencia isn’t just a role model; she’s a living example of how passion and dedication rock the PR world. It’s cool having someone like her around, making our professional journey way more exciting!”