A Student Perspective: FPRA Student Capital Chapter Fall 2023 Networking Trip

A Student Perspective: FPRA Student Capital Chapter Fall 2023 Networking Trip

In November, the Student Capital Chapter of FPRA explored Atlanta’s thriving public relations industry, delving into sectors ranging from Financial Technology (FinTech) to Live Theater. Over three days, our group of 14 aspiring PR professionals toured various communications agencies across the city.

The chapter visited The William Mills Agency, Jackson Spalding, Broadway in Atlanta, Cookerly PR, and First Line Media, all based in Atlanta. Each agency gave an engaging and informative presentation and provided an opportunity for students to ask questions. Some even offered interactive elements that gave the students a behind-the-scenes look into the agencies’ work and workplaces.

“I set up visits with these agencies to provide insights into different industries and showcase the work each agency does for its clients,” said Alyssa Bynum, who serves as the Student Capital Chapter’s Vice President. “I enjoyed meeting with Cookerly PR because they allowed us to view a project they had recently worked on and review their case study. This was an amazing opportunity because we saw their PR efforts come to life.”

During these visits, agency representatives shared their experiences. They provided insights into the daily life of public relations professionals, as well as the paths they took to secure impactful roles in their careers.

The students were particularly fascinated by the chance to learn from PR professionals who were Florida State University alumni. William Mills III, an FSU alumnus who is now the CEO of the William Mills Agency, shared his perspective on applying the knowledge he gained during his undergraduate degree throughout his professional journey. He discussed his career progression within the company and the projects that he was most proud of over the years.

Elle Schutte, President of the Student Capital Chapter, was particularly grateful for the opportunity to connect with professionals and alumni.

“As a senior about to graduate from FSU, it was truly inspiring to hear from someone who used to be in my current position. Hearing from alumni like Mr. Mills gave me a better outlook on my post-graduation job search,” said Schutte. “Connecting with impressive PR professionals was amazing, and creating a stronger bond among a group of students in the Capital Chapter was extremely rewarding. These bonds will certainly endure throughout the academic year and beyond.”

The Student Capital Chapter’s Fall Networking Trip provided valuable information, new connections and lasting friendships that gave students a hands-on perspective about the diverse world of communications agencies.

The Student Capital Chapter members meet bi-weekly, benefiting from the wisdom of professionals nationwide as they host a variety of guest speakers. The FPRA Student Capital Chapter members who attended this trip expressed their gratitude and appreciation for the unique opportunity of taking this networking trip provided and are looking forward to another trip in the Spring semester.




Hannah Angelo-Walker is the Outreach Coordinator for the FPRA Student Chapter.