March Webinar Recap

Stay Strong: Breaking Through the Coronavirus Crisis with Quality, Caring, Consistent Communications
Ron Sachs, Founder and CEO of Sachs Media Group
March 30, 2020

Top Takeaways


With most of us working more from home than we did at our offices and facing unprecedented challenges, Ron Sachs shared tips for how best to professionally thrive, and not just survive, during this prolonged period. He provided smart, strong, and strategic tips for staying the course and communicating effectively in order to best succeed through this difficult era.

Tips to work well from home:

  • Set start and end time
  • Dress for success
  • Designate a workspace
  • Schedule breaks
  • Avoid personal tasks
  • Activate scent and sound
  • Connect by tech to avoid loneliness

Tips for leaders to help their organizations stay positive:

  • Acknowledge stress, fear, anxiety, depression
  • Be ready with “what-if” scenarios
  • Warm up tone, solve problems, provide perks
  • Look beyond your organization to help others
  • Streamline processes, cut red tape

Tips to stay transparent in communications:

  • Be the trusted source
  • Over-communicate
  • Personally deliver hard news
  • Dispel rumors, embrace facts and truth

– Zoe Linafelt, Agency for Persons with Disabilities (Member since 2012)