Member Spotlight: Cathy Schroeder

Name and Title: Cathy Schroeder, VP of Public Affairs, BowStern Marketing Communications

Hometown: Panama City, Florida

What different roles have you held with the Capital Chapter and how have you benefited from those experiences? Student, minion, member, treasurer and now president-elect (eek!)

What project are you most proud of? Surviving (and sometime thriving) my first year in The Business. It was brutal, rewarding, humbling and scary! One of the things I miss about being new to this industry is being able to establish yourself. There are no preconceived expectations because of your past positions (she’s good at media, he’s really good at TV campaigns, etc.) so you get to work on everything!

What is one piece of advice you would give others entering the field? We all feel like a fraud from time to time. Look around, because everyone is thinking the same things you are; so just go for it.

What do you think is the biggest challenge PR professionals will face going forward? Understanding and juggling fake news, a never-ending news cycle and healthy boundaries.

What would your colleagues be surprised to know about you? I get super nervous doing radio interviews. I’d rather be on camera.

How has a mentor influenced your career? There are too many to count. In each way they encouraged, nudged and shoved me to harness this blessed gift of gab.

Why did you join FPRA? It’s a great group of pros who support one another. Even since my days as an intern, FPRA always provided a ready stream of friends and colleagues eager to help one another. #dontgoitalone