Our New Year’s Resolutions

| Written by: Sandi Poreda, APR, Capital Chapter President

It’s 2014, and the Capital Chapter has big plans for this year. We’re going to launch the first ever Cap Chap Challenge, with a little help from a celebrity friend; we’re going to keep recruiting new members throughout the Big Bend Area; and we’re going to keep looking for ways to increase the value of membership in FPRA for our members. And, like the good PR practitioners that we are, we’ve got a few measurable objectives… er, resolutions for the next 12 months:

Eat healthy. – Professional development can’t be overlooked or taken for granted. We’re going to keep looking for ways to offer high quality, relevant opportunities for professional growth. Our annual Professional Development seminar is coming up in just a few weeks – you won’t want to miss the experts we’re bringing in to talk about communicating across generations. Keep an eye out for more Pro-X opportunities as well, including another summer book club!

Stay fit. – One of the benefits of being an FPRA member is the access to current information about our industry. From the FPRA White Papers (an exclusive member benefit) to the networking opportunities throughout the state, there are plenty of tools available to stay sharp as a professional. We’ll work hard to keep pointing them out as they become available.

Celebrate the small stuff. – We love successes, and we’re going to spend more time celebrating each one, no matter how big or how small. Did you get a promotion or a new job? We’ll shout it from the rooftops (or Facebook and Twitter). Was your work recognized for an award? We’ll tell everyone we know about how awesome of a job you did. Let us know your good news so we can let everyone else know too!

Thanks for your continued support of the Capital Chapter, and here’s to a rockin’ 2014!