Onward Scholarship Competition

Taproot Creative and the Capital Chapter of the Florida Public Relations Association are looking for students with strong writing skills and the ability to apply critical analysis to public relations scenarios. The student with the best written response will receive $1,000 and the opportunity to interview for a spring internship at Taproot Creative.

Writing prompt: In no fewer than 5,000 words, choose a recent public relations event and respond to the following prompt:

Describe the efforts of an existing group/entity/etc. to use public relations to respond to the event. Analyze whether these efforts were effective or not. If effective, explain what made them effective as related to the event, the appropriate audience and the desired result. If not effective, explain what went wrong and provide recommendations for improving the response. Responses should include a full situational analysis of the event chosen.

For scholarship deadline information, requirements and the full application, download the application here.