February Membership Meeting: A Fresh Perspective on Influencer Marketing

| Written by: Lauren Antista

February Membership Meeting: A Fresh Perspective on Influencer Marketing

Jason Keath, founder and CEO of Social Fresh presented to a packed house of FPRA Cap Chap members and other PR professionals about the importance and impact of influencer marketing.  With a focus on researching how marketers succeed and the best ways to teach others those insights Jason and his company Social Fresh, a social media education company, curate some of the smartest voices in online marketing.

Focusing on the importance of building relationships with influencers, Jason broached a complex concept from a practical, solution-driven approach, emphasizing the most important aspect of influencer marketing, people.  Defining “influence” simply as “the ability to move people toward valuable action,” he clarified how the different types of influencers could provide different strengths when advocating for an organization or cause. While celebrities and publishers provide more impact and less influence, fans (i.e. stakeholders) and friends provide less impact and more influence.

Approaching the cultivation of relationships with influencers from the position of courting major influencers like bloggers, Jason highlighted some key points to focus on that lead to more positive, enduring and mutually beneficial relationships for all parties. His 6 key points were as follows:

  1. Focus: Keep focus on key topics.
  2. Research: Do your research.
    e.g. using things like Klout, Little Bird, Peer Index, Amazon and Google.
  3. Refine: Refine your search through your research to focus on your key influencers.
  4. Relationships: Build long-term relationships by knowing your influencers’ content, participate, know their ecosystem (their partnerships and activity), say hello and provide support.
  5. Activation: Give your influencers first access, feature them, involve them and tailor the ask (keep it relevant to them).
  6. Follow-up: Continue to be a resource to your influencer, monitor, answer questions, get feedback, say thank you and syndicate.

To connect with Jason, follow him on Twitter (@JasonKeath) and to learn more about Social Fresh visit: socialfresh.com or follow them on Twitter (@SocialFresh).

View his presentation at: http://slideshare.net/jakrose/influencer-marketing-16679066