Online Newsroom Best Practices at December 2010 Luncheon

| Written by: Lauren Antista

“A social media equipped newsroom is ground zero for publishing news and information about your organization on the Web.  Of all the information shared about you online, your own press room should lead the way in delivering timely, factual updates with supporting resources,” Pete Cordella said.

Pete Codella of Codella Marketing, the Online PR Podcast and star of the YouTube Video, “Crazy Little Thing Called Web,” expounded on the importance of creating/enhancing an online newsroom as a one-stop-shop for information on an organization.  Content is key, he stressed.  To create buzz, an online newsroom must provide timely content consistent with an organization’s online objectives.

An up-and-coming option he reminded FPRA members not to disregard was the social media newsroom, which focuses on an organization’s social media content.  Feeds from social media channels allow an organization to tell their story, others to tell their story and provide an all access area for social media content.  He referred FPRA’s members to Intel’s online newsroom as a good example of this growing trend.

Regardless of whether an organization uses a social media or traditional online newsroom, he pointed out that the newsroom should be on one main site (e.g. with a different domain name from the organization’s main website (e.g.  This provides the newsroom site with ideal search placement and optimization, driving traffic to the site.