Update from the Student Chapter

The FPRA Tallahassee Student Chapter is looking forward to their upcoming professional development trip to Atlanta on February 16 and 17. We will be meeting with the public relations professionals of the Atlanta Falcons and Edelman Public Relations Agency. We will also be attending the PRSA Real World Conference for Collegiate Students that will include workshops, networking opportunities and a Career Expo. We are looking forward to networking with the PRSA chapter of Georgia and to experience this great opportunity. Students are excited to explore the Atlanta area and the professional opportunities it includes.  

Inspired by FPRA Capital Chapter’s annual ER for PR workshop, this year the FPRA student chapter will be engaging in a similar workshop experience.  On February 10 we paired four deserving and diverse on-campus organizations with groups of our fantastic FPRA student members whose interests and expertise lie in similar areas.  Each organization was required to complete an informal questionnaire and SWOT analysis prior to selection.

We’re hoping to implement the “Six Hats” strategy introduced to us by Heidi when she spoke at our last meeting. Not only will these organizations benefit from our students’ knowledge and help, but the students will be challenged to take real PR problems and find ways to solve them. Ranging from lack of awareness to decreasing membership numbers, students will be able to put their skills to the test.  I’m very excited and hope it turns into a successful event the student chapter can repeat annually.  As always, you can read about the event on our blog!

Thank you to Nate Long of Visit Florida for sharing his insight and tips of Social Media and PR 2.0 with the Student Chapter last meeting.  We look forward to seeing all of the professionals at the monthly luncheons.

If you are interested in speaking at an FPRA Student Chapter meeting, or would like to be involved in any way, please contact Student Chapter President Katie Coningsby at [email protected].  Also visit us on Facebook at http://bit.ly/fprafan, visit our blog FPRAstudent.wordpress.com or follow us on Twitter @FPRAstudent.