Customer Service Representative

Company: Hearth and Soul


Contact Person: Kimberly Waller

Application Deadline: October 31, 2015



Hearth and Soul is a unique lifestyle brand launching with a 4,000 sq ft flagship store in Tallahassee, FL in August, 2015. Founded by two Tallahassee women, Hearth and Soul creates a new concept in retailing offering a “home away from home” experience to simplify one’s life, to fulfill unmet needs and to find connections with people and things that bring meaning to one’s life. We are curating special finds from near and far and bringing them home to a place where people will gather, connect, unwind and delight in finding their favorite brands and new discoveries. We are about being simple, classic and modern, full yet uncluttered delivering a customer service experience centered around the belief that “making friends is our business.”

Job Description

The primary purpose of this position is to be a part of the team that helps Hearth & Soul create lasting customer relationships by providing exceptional customer service. This is achieved through living a customer first mentality, anticipating customer needs and delighting the customer time and time again with consistent, exceptional and personal service. This position also offers an exciting opportunity to help launch the flagship store from the ground up by assisting in brand development, buying, merchandising, marketing and tracking and measuring results, with input and research into plans to expand to other markets.

Job Responsibilities

  • Front line interface with customers creating lasting relationships, gathering customer data and engaging in customer outreach and service delivery. Greets, welcomes and assists customers.
  • Works in conjunction with Hearth & Soul’s Marketing and Events Coordinator to help spread the word through social media applications.
  • Brings artistry to displays and assists Merchandising Manager in creating displays..
  • Demonstrates knowledge of the products Hearth & Soul offers and the ability to answer product questions.
  • Responsible for customer transaction process and tracking and measuring of results using Intuit Point of Sale System. Document sales by creating or updating customer profile records.
  • Assists with inventory management through input into buying decisions, tracking inventory and assisting with restocking needs.



  • Willingness and ability to learn about the products Hearth & Soul offers.
  • Excellent oral and written communication skills.
  • Display a positive, “Can Do”, customer first, professional attitude.

How to Apply

[email protected]

Job Originally Posted on: Thursday, August 27, 2015