Customer Service Coordinator

Company: Rowland Publishing


Contact Person: Marah Rhone

Application Deadline: June 1, 2017


The Customer Service Coordinator oversees Rowland Publishing’s fulfillment of all print advertising, both purchased by clients and scheduled by internal departments. They also oversee Rowland Publishing’s fulfillment of both purchased and donated media sponsorships. This position also contributes to overall department operations.

• Communicate with advertising clients on behalf of Rowland Publishing.
• Using LaunchPad, schedule and track all components of print advertising.
• Obtain from clients all necessary materials and instruction for Rowland Publishing to fulfill contractual obligations.
• Determine usability of supplied print ad materials.
• Communicate accurate layout instruction to Production Design team.
• Organize supplied print ad materials on Rowland Publishing server.
• Send PDF proofs of print ads to clients for approval.
• Regularly report ad status updates to the manager.
• Set up new components in LaunchPad.
• Continually monitor all ads to ensure accuracy (content, placement, size, etc.).
• Assist with preparation of media sponsorship proposals.
• Track media sponsorship deliverables and receivables to ensure Rowland Publishing meets all contractual obligations.
• Working with management, make sure all media sponsorship tickets are distributed effectively
• Work proactively with all departments to improve workflow and communication so as to increase productivity and to lessen stress and errors.
• Perform such other duties as may be assigned.


Must have graduated from high school. Two years’ experience in a customer service role is required. Experience in print publication production or similar field involving tracking and reporting details of products or activities is desired (sometimes designated as a trafficking function).

How to Apply

Job Originally Posted on: Thursday, May 4, 2017