Company: Vocational Rehabilitation


Contact Person: Aleisa McKinlay

Application Deadline: August 11, 2017


DOE/VR is looking for a SENIOR MANAGEMENT ANALYST II – SES – 48003638 in TALLAHASSEE. The incumbent will operate with the working title of “Communications Director” for the Division of Vocational Rehabilitation. This is complex administrative and consultative work for the Division of Vocational Rehabilitation, marked by the frequent exercise of independent judgment. The person in this position will exercise leadership in the development, implementation and oversight of the Division’s Communications Plan & related activities, web activities, certain special events, and production & distribution of reports, promotional and other related materials. Attendance is an essential function of this position.

The following duties will be performed as needed and include, but are not limited to: representing the Division at internal and external functions; making written and oral presentations; producing complex written materials; producing videos and other marketing materials; designing effective marketing campaigns; providing assistance to management and staff to promote the most efficient and effective accomplishment of communication objectives at the lowest cost; leading and participating in stakeholder groups; delivering training to internal and external stakeholders; acquiring strong subject-matter expertise in the areas assigned to this position; coordinating with other public and private agencies/entities; providing technical assistance to other VR staff; and contributing to the development of Division policy.

Public Information – The incumbent in this position will direct an extensive program of public information; will formulate, develop, and administer that program with a focus on relations with both internal and external partners. Incumbent also serves as liaison to the department’s communications office. Reviews and recommends policies, procedures, guidelines, and related directives relative to the public information program; evaluates impact on operations, and recommends appropriate action(s). Works with a network of Area Communications Liaisons to identify statewide operational needs/challenges in the implementation of communications services policies and procedures, or program policies and procedures.

Reviews requirements for the design of various publications. Responsible for the writing, editing and publication of all public information documents and publications, written and/or electronic. Assigns, edits and directs the dissemination of division information for the media and public. Prepares responses to inquiries from news media and the public. Will work with Organizational Learning and Performance Support Team to produce and distribute the Division’s Annual Report.

Web Activities – Manages the content of the Division of Vocational Rehabilitation’s (DVR) Web Site, the BRRS website, and Florida Job Connections in accordance with the Department’s Internet policy and the goals of the Division. Makes recommendations and/or designs and coordinates layouts, colors, types, selections, and illustrations. Coordinates with programming staff to insure interface between web pages and databases. Determines functionality of web sites and construction of all features. Tests navigation and functionality within and between web pages and sites. Serves as liaison with MIS for the Intranet site, ensuring that appropriate information is cross-posted, and facilitating the improvement of both sites. Ensures that the web sites remain current and user friendly. Ensures important and significant DVR information is updated weekly in order to be considered current. Assists with identification of needed resources and potential approaches to resolve website requests. Analyzes web trends for the VR website and recommends changes for problem areas. Analyzes program goals and objectives of major functional groups, identifying opportunities to use information technology to achieve greater effectiveness and efficiency.

Special Events – Has primary responsibility for the Division’s participation in Disability Mentoring Day and the Statewide Job Fair; has secondary responsibility and provides back-up for other special events. Maintains contact with other disability organizations with regard to relevant informational campaigns, publications, meetings, etc., in order to ensure the Division’s participation to the fullest extent possible; represents the Division as directed.

***Information contained in responses to Qualifying Questions concerning education, experience, knowledge, skills and/or abilities must also be disclosed on the State of Florida Employment Application.***


Bachelors degree in public relations, communications, or similar subject and at least three years experience.

How to Apply

Apply through the state personnel system at

Job Originally Posted on: Wednesday, July 19, 2017