Communications and Development Coordinator

Company: Elder Care Services, Inc.


Contact Person: Caroline Leitner or Nicole Ballas

Application Deadline: April 28, 2019


1. Develops communications and public relations strategies for ECS
2. Creates and edits communication materials
3. Responsible for public relations activities including outreach events, social media, and web updates.
4. Coordinates creation of publications such as the ECS newsletter, annual report, info graphics, design, and print tasks
5. Serves as the media liaison and representative for ECS
6. Develops relationships with community agencies/groups that will enhance agency objectives and increase in-kind and cash resources
7. Provides administrative support and other project and agency-related assistance required by ECS Director of Fund Development
8. Serves as liaison for Communications and PR at meetings and other activities integral to ECS
9. Participates in special events as requested by Development and Outreach Directors
10. Maintains and submits reports and information according to procedures mandated by ECS
11. Sustains an accurate record-keeping method to document project activities and services
12. Assists with event and outreach projects including Elder Elf, Big Wheels, and Oktoberfest
13. Adheres to personnel policies and procedures for staff consistent with those of ECS
14. Ensures and assists proper donor tracking
15. Processes and acknowledges gifts in a timely manner
16. Perform other duties as assigned by the Director of Fund Development and/or the President & CEO


• Bachelor’s degree or minimum of three years of experience in fields of public relations and/or communications
• Knowledge in publication, media and resource development
• Sound oral and written communication skills
• Public speaking experience
• Ability to work on a team
• Editing skills and strong attention to detail
• Ability to sit for extended periods of time working on the computer
• Must pass a level II criminal history check and drug screen prior to employment

How to Apply

In person at 2518 West Tennessee Street Tallahassee, FL 32304 or Online at

Job Originally Posted on: Friday, April 19, 2019