Account Manager

Company: Strategic Digital Services


Contact Person: Sara Holland

Application Deadline: March 31, 2020


Strategic Digital Services, Florida’s premier digital agency, is looking for an account manager that understands the digital and social media landscape. The Account Manager is responsible for the internal management of projects, development of client relationships, and maintenance of accounts. Past work will have a strong focus on digital and social media marketing. This person will work in a highly collaborative, team-oriented environment and will serve as an integral link between creative production, strategy, and client relations.

Account Manager’s Responsibilities:
– Primary point of contact for multiple clients and responsible for keeping the client/agency relationship strong and healthy
– Assist in the development of digital brand building and advertising campaigns for multiple clients across platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Youtube
– Assist in the placement and performance monitoring of digital advertising spends to ensure that client objectives are being met
– Create or modify internal task management systems, timelines, and creative content organization
– Work with creative team to draft social media content, video scripts, podcast descriptions, ad copy, website text and other client necessities, as needed
– Keep up-to-date on the latest trends and products in the digital media space
– Travel, as needed, to assist with client needs ranging from video shoots to planning meetings


Basic Requirements:
– A talented and skilled copywriter that understands what works on each platform
– Experience managing digital or social media efforts in house or on behalf of clients
– Understand the branding and sales and strengths of Facebook Twitter, Instagram, Google
– Must demonstrate professional level understanding of the types of content used on each digital media platform
– Excellent time management and organizational skills
– Self-motivated and driven, willing to take ownership of projects and your role within the agency team
– Superior interpersonal and communication skills
– The ability to think creatively and contribute to a team environment
– Eagerness to help contribute to the agency’s own marketing and business development initiatives

Preferred Experience
– Experience placing digital and social media ads
– Strong leadership skills and an eagerness to advance professionally
– Experience defining and creating target audiences for Facebook and Google custom audiences
– Experience using Google Drive, Gmail, Slack, Asana, or Airtable in professional context
– Basic understanding of how to communicate with creatives about Adobe Creative Cloud in order to provide client feedback
– Experience in online sales through Ebay, Etsy, Amazon, or Shopify or building a direct-to-consumer brand

How to Apply

If you are interested in applying please email Sara Holland at [email protected]

Job Originally Posted on: Friday, March 6, 2020