June Program Recap

FPRA Capital Chapter Blog Post

June 18, 2020: Nipa Eason, Creative Director, Strategic Digital Services

Top Takeaways

  • We absorb information in three ways: Auditory, Kinesthetic and Visual
  • Leverage technology such as taking a picture or recording a conversation (with permission of course!)
  • Use editing software to create a film-at-11, polished piece


There’s a reason Nipa Eason is one of our area’s most talented, multifunctional professionals you’ll ever have the chance to collaborate with. Former gigs include working with Disney, Nissan and Yahoo! She’s well-versed in all things creative including graphic design, video production, animation and branding. This made her the perfect pick for our monthly Remote Working, I’m Only Presentable from the Waist Up FPRA webinar.

This webinar was incredibly valuable for myriad reasons. First, Nipa challenged us in our content creation to tap into the three ways we absorb information: Auditory, Kinesthetic and Visual. (I had to Google Kinesthetic – touching things.) If you want to amplify your message, include all three. Which at first blush sounds ah-mazing especially if you have a fully stocked studio of AV equipment and a voice like Shonda Knight.

But that’s the thing — your phone, computer, a handful of snazzy apps and software are all you really need. These little albatrosses are nifty for grabbing a soundbite, a picture, a video of your client apologizing for the COVID meme and more. Nipa revealed details about her creative approach but where the real craft comes in — editing. Apps such as FilmoraGo, Rev Call Recorder and Davinci Resolve 16 enable you to create high-quality content. This levels the playing field for those of us without hefty budgets.

As newsrooms and attention spans diminish faster than The Mooch’s tenure as White House press secretary, it’s increasingly urgent to AMPLIFY your messaging and content. Thank you, Nipa, for your time and talent with the FPRA Capital Chapter!

To view her full presentation, click here.

– Chapter Immediate Past President Cathy Schroeder, Schroeder Communications (Member Since 2006)