October Luncheon: Dining and Business Etiquette with Molly Kellogg

For the October luncheon, the FPRA Capital Chapter hosted a program by Mrs. Molly Kellogg, Director of the National League of Cotillions Leon County Chapter and author of the weekly column Modern Southern Belle for the Tallahassee Democrat. She is also the Communications Director at the Capital Region YMCA. The event was titled, “Manners Matter: Dining and Business Etiquette for PR Pros.”

Mrs. Kellogg’s presentation was informative, entertaining and interactive! Attendees sat at our usual round tables for a plated lunch of salad, pasta with chicken and chocolate mousse. Throughout the presentation, she led us through the different courses of our meal while inserting tips and instructions for etiquette in dining and other business situations. She explained the roles of a host or a guest in different situations as well. Mrs. Kellogg stressed that etiquette is not about you doing the proper thing all the time – it is about making everyone around you feel comfortable.

Here are just a few of the many great tips we learned:

• Your nametag always goes on the right lapel.

• When setting silver at the table, think alphabetically from left to right: fork, (plate), knife, spoon.

• When you sit down at a meal, unfold your napkin completely and then fold once in half long-ways and lay it with the fold facing you.

• To remember which bread plate and water glass are yours, make a “b” with your left hand and a “d” with your right – your bread plate is by your left and your drink is on your right.

• When the bread and butter are in front of you at the table, pick up the basket, offer bread to the person to your left, take some for yourself, and then pass to the right.

• When you are being toasted at an event, raise your glass at the end of the toast as if to say “thank you” — but do not drink.

If you are interested in learning more about business etiquette, contact Molly at [email protected].