July Membership Meeting Wrap-up: Carrie Zimmerman and the Philosophy of Wow

| Written by: Lauren Antista

Carrie Zimmerman, co-founder and CEO of the Zimmerman Agency, shared the Philosophy of Wow with FPRA Capital Chapter members at the July membership luncheon.

As the largest PR firm in Florida, the Zimmerman Agency boasts an impressive list of national clients, including: Aflac, Pilot Pens, Aruba, the Bahamas, Amtrak, PGA Tours, Nature’s Own, Discovery Network, Hard Rock Hotels, Ritz-Carlton, Marriott and Jin Jiang.  Using real-life client success stories, Carrie illustrated how to create that wow factor in advertising, PR, digital and social initiatives.

Based on a foundation of disruption, Carrie illustrated that it’s important to overturn assumptions, imagine new possibilities and to keep an open mind rather than trying to force change for change’s sake.  A great example was the promotion of Pilot Pens’ fashion pen by having a Jacksonville fashion designer create a dress out of the new pen and unveil it on the runway.

Carrie reminded the members of FPRA that it is important to “polarize to magnetize” and that this can be done creatively even for cobranding and promotions.   Pairing up two clients, the Zimmerman Agency was able to promote both Northwest Florida’s Emerald Coast and Nature’s Own by offering a “Slice of Summer” vacation sweepstakes to the Emerald Coast and promoting it on Nature’s Own bread bags with very little money spent and a big ROI.

She also pointed out that it was essential to attract media attention by offering up some kind of tangible experience.  They successfully promoted Cooper Tires this way by having journalists and bloggers test tires at a test track in San Antonio getting the attention of major auto magazines.

With an emphasis on a creative culture that cultivates inspiration and revelations, Carrie drove home five wow factors for success: Control, Contain, Curate, Craft and Create.