Meaningful Connections made at May Membership Meeting: Social Media, Conversation & the Emerging Web

By: Lauren Antista, External Relations Manager – College of Social Work, Florida State University

The May FPRA Capital Chapter Monthly Meeting opened with a heartfelt applause and a standing ovation for Heidi Otway, surrounded by her family and fellow PR professionals, as she received the Stanley Tate Professional Award for Service.

What followed were keen insights into the emerging world of Web 3.0.  Michael Winn, digital marketing director at RB Oppenheim Associates and chief digital officer at Digital Opps introduced Capital Chapter members to new tools to help manage the increasingly complex content on the web.

Michael’s 7 Management Tools to Help You Succeed were:

  1. Crowdbooster – measures and optimizes when content should publish;
  2. Prosodic – analyzes the “who, what and when” and aids the publishing of your content.
  3. Shoutlet – helps manage complex content publishing at scale;
  4. Socialflow – measures and optimizes when content should be published;
  5. Tigerlily Apps – optimizes social content to publish by them, audience and location;
  6. Uber Vu – mines data and then optimizes content to be published; and
  7. Bazaar Voice – context powerhouse (“turn social data into doing”) with videos that will transform the way you think about content.

Vincent Hunt, co-founder, chairman and CEO of Kind Intelligence, Inc. then breached the topic of social media and semantics. With an emphasis on learning from the past, he pointed to the need of adding context and meaning to data by moving away from Web 0.0 (simple, deep data), Web 1.0 (transaction web of the revolution, and Web 2.0 (the interactive web). On Web 3.0, the “semantic web,” social media leading to smart data that implicates relationships we have with the things around us (i.e. context) and social media then gives us access to this data. This leads to deeply customized experiences that are important to us.

The points he urged Capital Chapter members to take away included:

–    Rethink how you create and deliver content;

–    Invest in developing social media strategies and campaigns that bring values to your organizations beyond the traditional ROI; and,

–    Shift your social media lens from “What do I say?” to “What can I hear?”