Proposed group seeks to understand employee communications

We received this message from Ron Hess, a friend of FPRA who has spoken at many chapter events around the state.

Dear Communicator, 

I’m writing to assess your interest in joining an interest group for employee communications professionals in the southeast. There would be no fee or obligation for your participation. The network would likely include employee communicators who are members of different professional organizations. 

We would schedule three or four one-hour teleconference/web conferences a year to discuss various employee communications topics you want to learn more about and to share good ideas with each other. The agenda for each call would be based on inputs from the group at large. On occasion, we might invite a guest speaker to share an innovative idea that has worked for them.

I think these sessions would be a great investment of time for all and a great opportunity for you to expand your network of contacts in the wonderful world of employee communications. 

But before I move this idea from drawing board to reality, I’d like to get feedback from communicators like yourself on the worthiness of this idea. Let me know what you think within the next week or two and please feel free to offer any additional ideas or suggestions about this concept. 

You can reach me by e-mail at: [email protected]

Yours truly,

Ron Hess