Time to Renew your FPRA Membership

Written by: Erica Villanueva

As PR pros it’s important for us to to maintain our competitive edge by keeping our skills sharpened and staying informed on the issues and trends that impact us and the companies we represent. This also means growing our professional networks.

Your current FPRA membership expires on the last day of October. To continue receiving all of the benefits of membership you must fill out and submit the membership renewal application. Click here to to download an application today.

Why Should You Renew?

Networking with other public relations professionals is one of the primary benefits of a FPRA membership. We offer:

  • opportunities to network online with a statewide community of PR professionals, as well as face-to-face at monthly chapter events;
  • monthly presentations from leading experts that will sharpen your skills;
  • professional development seminars held at various times and locations throughout the year;
  • relevant resources for job searching and professional development to help you advance your career;
  • a monthly chapter newsletter to help keep you informed; 
  • professional recognition through local Image Awards and statewide Golden Image Awards – the only local and statewide PR awards program in Florida
  • a two-tier credentialing process for members who seek professional accreditation; and
  • a highly-acclaimed statewide Annual Conference held in August of each year.

Just 47-Cents Per-Day

As the cost of doing business continually rises and budgets tighten, many organizations are feeling the strain of a downturned economy. It is because of these challenges that it is now more important than ever to utilize the many tools and resources that a FPRA membership offers. FPRA is committed to providing you with the most relevant resources to advance your professional career, especially during these tough economic times. At just 47-cents per-day, an FPRA membership is one of the best investments you can make.

If you are a current member, we look forward to your renewal. If you have a co-worker or friend who could benefit from a FPRA membership, please encourage them to join. We enthusiastically welcome their interests, talents and perspectives to this unique professional organization.

Visit http://fpra-capital.org/membership/application/ to download an application. For more information or to turn in your membership application along with a copy of your resume, contact Erica Villanueva, Membership VP at [email protected].