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Recent FPRA News & Updates

Let’s Not Get Everyone Sued, Fired, and Lampooned on the Internet Before Lunch

The FPRA-Capital Chapter’s first meeting of 2015 was held at our new luncheon location: the Capital City Country Club. Huge congratulations go to all our new members and a thank-you to everyone who attended the luncheon. A few notes/reminders: If you know of a business wishing to sponsor a luncheon, please contact Alexis Phillips at […]

An Inside Look at the Charlie Crist Gubernatorial Campaign

The FPRA-Capital Chapter recently got a fascinating look into the 2014 Florida governors’ race between Charlie Crist and Rick Scott, from the perspective of Kevin Cate, former consultant for Charlie Crist’s campaign. At the November monthly meeting, Cate laid out the elements that he believed swayed the outcome of the election. “Don’t feel sorry for […]

Leadership Luncheon: The Passing of the Gavel

The FPRA’s Capital Chapter 2014 Leadership Luncheon began with the acknowledgement of its 2013-2014 officers’ and board members’ accomplishments and contributions — each receiving a personalized award and gift.  Alison Faris, APR, Director of Membership was able to get the chapter up to 152 members, the most of any chapter in the state.  In the […]